Ancient Art Features Plenty of Animal Art

Animal Art of Old

Ancient Libyan Rock Art

I’m new to blogging but not to art. I want to share a fresh look on art history by a person who likes to communicate with regular people who know they like art but can get a bit confused by it all. I’m going to break it down for you in “regular speak.”

I’ve got two art degrees but I’ve lived most of my life in rural Nebraska and South Dakota. Thus I’ve experienced two extremes: 1) people who know nothing about art and so far believe they are intimidated by art and 2) academic types who seem to like intimidating people who know little about art! Snark, snark.

My view is that art is for the people. After all, cave people started doing art. They wanted everyone to see it and know about it or they wouldn’t have created it. I doubt they tried to make it complicated. For instance, in the rock art shown above created anywhere from 12,000 B.C. to 100 B.C., the artist was telling people, “Look, I made a giraffe!! A giraffe! It looks like a giraffe!!” Plus the image was obviously a celebration of getting something to eat. No supermarkets in that time. The excitement of creating something people actually recognize and know without providing too much written explanation is there for the artist. It started with someone who could and wanted to make a giraffe, in this case celebrating not starving to death.

Art has become complex especially starting in the 20th century. I have my theories about this and you will hear about them in time. But lets keep it simple and just enjoy the pictures and the processes.

So here it is, my very first blog post. Man, I almost gave up before I got this far because computer geek, I am not. Easily frustrated. Working through that. Letting the cat, no forcing the damned cat, out of the bag so she can get petted a bit.